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Ikea Brings the Flat-pack Funny: Trump’s Wall

It’s a small comfort but one that SEEN clings to desperately: turbulent times often result in funny, satirical spoofs. There have been a variety of responses to the American president’s plan to build a continuous barrier between the USA and Mexico. Architects have responded variously: Estudio 3.14 (a Mexican firm) drew up plans for a pink wall inspired by Luis Barragán while Miami studio DOMO Architecture suggested landscaped features.

Satirical news site The Postillion has reported on the excellent Börder Wåll – an affordable alternative to the proposed (up to) $20 billion barrier. The graphic follows the style of a regular Ikea instruction sheet, complete with hundreds of thousands of panels and barbed-wire coils, not to mention the millions of screws but mercifully for the president, only one Allen key. Priced at a mere $9,999,999,999.99, SEEN can only salute Ikea’s capacity to see the funny side and publicise what can only be the first of many bad ideas from the president.