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Ikea Brings the Flat-pack Funny: Trump’s Wall

It’s a small comfort but one that SEEN clings to desperately: turbulent times often result in funny, satirical spoofs. There have been a variety of responses to the American president’s plan to build a continuous barrier between the USA and Mexico. Architects have responded variously: Estudio 3.14 (a Mexican firm) drew up plans for a pink wall inspired by Luis Barragán while Miami studio DOMO Architecture suggested landscaped features.

Satirical news site The Postillion has reported on the excellent Börder Wåll – an affordable alternative to the proposed (up to) $20 billion barrier. The graphic follows the style of a regular Ikea instruction sheet, complete with hundreds of thousands of panels and barbed-wire coils, not to mention the millions of screws but mercifully for the president, only one Allen key. Priced at a mere $9,999,999,999.99, SEEN can only salute Ikea’s capacity to see the funny side and publicise what can only be the first of many bad ideas from the president.

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House of Vans London X Studio PSK: Let There be Light

One of SEEN’s favourite venues is House of Vans in Waterloo, the skate park and cultural space bar none. We hear that until 17th December 2017 House of Vans London has partnered with Studio PSK, award-winning London-based design and creative studio, to transform Tunnel 1 into a shifting, multicoloured lighting installation open to the public.

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aqua kyoto: A Christmas Alternative

If the thought of Christmas with its attendant indulgences makes you long for the cuisines of other countries, then have a look at the winter menus on offer from aqua kyoto. A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach they have a lunch menu offering – essentially elevated bento boxes, which are as …

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Dinny Hall: A Shining Star

SEEN had the privilege recently, of hearing iconic jeweller Dinny Hall speak about her life and career in jewellery and design. She started off in the seventies when jewellery didn’t have the profile it has now, so in that sense she was very much a pioneer. She hung out with the cool musicians of the …