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Alex Evans: Paper Cities

SEEN has always admired Alex Evans’ evocations of London; particularly when much of the centre of it seems to be reinventing itself constantly. We need London’s artists to capture the transitory nature of these spaces, in what promises to be an interesting year of political change at home and abroad.

SEEN popped into the London Art Fair, specifically to have a look at Alex’s work in conjunction with Anise Gallery. ‘Thames’ was created in collaboration with the gallery to mark their presence at the LAF – London’s largest contemporary art fair. It’s a freer depiction of the city; the piece responds to an idea of London – omitting the shape of the Thames, creating odd perspectives and a playful sense of reflection and place. Other pictures were Escher-like in their mathematical formality, but somehow alien, creating an eye-defying instability that both repels and attracts – like looking at London through a kaleidoscope.

Alex Evans_progress_83x124

Alex is set to commence work on a new moving image work entitled ‘Paper Cities 2’ – an exploration of the intersections between drawing, urbanism and geometry in collaboration with The University of Greenwich, Emergency Exit Arts, secondary school students from John Roan and Plumstead Manor schools, writer Arjunan Manuelpillai and TJG in Dresden, Germany.

The film will build upon the success of last year’s ‘Paper Cities’ project, which was screened at numerous events with a series of enquiry and engagement workshops into the nature of cities and their fragile, imagined futures.

Alex Evans - Drift - 2015 - 87 x 51

SEEN is rather addicted to Giphy and is delighted to see that Alex’s work is also available there. You can share his short form drawing movies on Facebook, Twitter and by text.

Instagram and Facebook: @AlexEvansArt

Anise Gallery
13A Shad Thames