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Dior Homme’s Winter 2017 Show – Just Let Us Rave!

Celebrating 10 years at Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche has created an Autumn/Winter 17 collection full of references to new wavers, ravers and romantic punk rockers, taken from the gabber scene that reached Rotterdam in the mid-90’s.

According to the Creative Director of Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche, the intention behind this collection was to create something that was really, truly Dior. Surprised by how much the brand’s DNA really pervaded the space; he just juxtaposed it with a structure that was much more raw, much younger, as if we were at a rave. So he created something really very Dior Homme above the waist, with a much more street look on the bottom, with a lot of references to music, and the new wave but also raves, gabbers, candy boys… It’s a collection full of childhood memories gathered in one look.

“For a long time now I’ve been following the work of American artist Dan Witz, who does very realistic paintings of mosh pits, the vigorous dancing, and jumping up and down. In my research I watched a lot of documentaries on gabbers, candy boys, youth subcultures who went out in eccentric outfits,” Van Assche explained.
Watch the video of the Autumn/Winter 17 collection, soundtracked by a wild gabber beat full of manic movement and dancing, and discover what happened backstage at the Dior Homme Winter 2017/2018 show, which took place at the Grand Palais in Paris: