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Baking Bad: the Bread of Maison Kayser

Should you find yourself at the Selfridges end of Baker Street, do pop in and try just about anything at Maison Kayser, the latest branch of the bakery to open and the first in the UK. The passion of founder Eric Kayser, whom SEEN had the pleasure of meeting, is ingrained in all aspects of this new eatery. The café seats 60, is bright and comfortable, the staff are very friendly and the takeaway section is roomy and well-stocked with croissants, cakes and the delicious sourdough for which Eric and Maison Kayser is justly famous.


Eric and his team spent three years developing specialised machinery to keep them supplied with a liquid sourdough leaven called Fermento Levain. Eric showed SEEN around the hub of baking operations, from his leaven machines, state-of-the-baking-art ovens and proving rooms, demonstrating that artisanal baking in huge quantities doesn’t mean a dip in quality – quite the contrary. Eric’s friendly, generous and watchful presence permeated the atmosphere in his latest bakery, much like the smell of the delicious bread and cakes. It’s a lovely addition to Baker Street and will undoubtedly keep its neighbours on their culinary toes.


Eric agreed that in times of turbulence (Brexit and Trump) there is great comfort to be had in eating well. Baking has been in his blood since birth and there are now Maison Kaysers all over the world. The Baker Street branch opened on the 13th of January – coinciding with the opening of the very first branch in Paris on the same date 20 years ago. Eric spent three years looking for the right London street to launch his UK operations, Baker Street proving punningly irresistible. SEEN can attest to the deliciousness of the croissants, framboise muffins and sourdough. Eric cares deeply about the quality of his products and it shows. Bon appétit.

Maison Kayser
8 Baker Street