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Pamela Anderson in Andreas Kronthaler’s SS17 Campaign for Vivienne Westwood

Acclaimed photographer Juergen Teller has captured the essence of the beautiful Pamela Anderson, who has always embodied a particular type of old-school glamour (for SEEN, anyway) for the Vivienne Westwood SS17 campaign.

Continuing the Mediterranean theme of the SS17 collection, the photoshoot took place appropriately enough in Hydra, Greece where Teller has a house. It sounds like it was a happy shoot: ‘Vivienne, Andreas and Pamela are all just great people to work with… I love working with them. There is a trust between us and we explore and work quite freely,’ commented Teller.

The shoot features Anderson, Westwood, Kronthaler and a bevy of model in a theatrical series of photos set against blue sky and sea, at night, in caves, on the harbour, with warm colours, earth tones and the ever-present sense of fun and joy that typifies Vivienne Westwood. Kronthaler was inspired by Italy and the whole notion of wearing very little, which seems to him to be natural and healthy, yet he is mindful that the azure blue of the Mediterranean sea and sky means something different to migrants seeking a way to Europe. Ultimately, it is of the hazardous lives of migrants that his thoughts turn: ‘I am not a particularly political person but I want the collection to be part of where I am, where we are.’

Anderson seems to have had a ball, commenting: ‘…I love the apocalyptic feel when we shoot… We may all become cannibals – or eat rocks.’ Sharing with Vivienne Westwood a great love of the planet and activism, she starred in last year’s Save the Arctic campaign. We see another side of Anderson here; in one shot she resembles Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC, in another she poses balletically on a rock. She has taken the opportunity of modelling for Vivienne Westwood as one of learning also; ‘I have learned from Vivienne that each day is an opportunity… to engage in the world.’

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Sculpture in the City, Art for Everyone

SEEN thoroughly enjoyed a preview of the 18 new artworks around the financial district’s square mile. Set up by The City of London in 2010, this excellent initiative expands its footprint every year, improving the area and proving that when people are happy, they work better.

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Alex Evans at the Foundry Gallery, Chelsea Quarter: LDF17

The astute reader will have noticed that SEEN loves art about London. There are many artists in this city who draw (pun intended) their inspiration from it, none more so than Alex Evans whose fractal renderings hint at the entropic nature of urban life and perhaps also our anxieties and isolation in the 21st century. His latest exhibition ‘Invisible Systems’ can be seen at the Foundry Gallery, tucked away off the King’s Road until 26th October.