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Jessica De Lotz: Sealed with a Kiss

SEEN’s favourite London jeweler, Jessica De Lotz, has created a beautiful KISS Wax Seal Key Chain (from £171) that might just be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day (on March 26th), and a future heirloom to boot. Jessica has always been concerned with narrative in her work and draws inspiration from artefacts that she has accrued over the years; bus tickets, playing cards, old photographs and wax seals.

Jessica operates from a former piano shop close to Kentish Town Station. A visit there is to step back in time yet find something that is also determinedly modern, and easy to wear. The KISS Key Chain is no exception. Full red lips are offset with a beauty spot, set within a soft gold frame, harking back to old-fashioned Hollywood glamour, if not to the gilded baroque court of Marie Antoinette. Start dropping hints to your children…

Jessica de Lotz
49 Fortess Road
Kentish Town