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Penhaligon’s on Regent Street: Christopher Jenner

What could be more quintessentially British, or indeed English, than Penhaligon’s on Regent Street? The company was founded by William Penhaligon in 1870 and continues to this day, bringing us creative and innovative perfumery.

3_Christopher_Jenner_Singapore © Michael Franke

2_Christopher_Jenner_Singapore © Michael Franke

4_Christopher_Jenner_Singapore © Michael Franke

In keeping with the architecture on Regent Street, designer Christopher Jenner has created the most spectacular interior for this flagship – every bit as complex in terms of narrative as the perfumes themselves. Jenner’s work is concerned with the illustration of identity, in the same way that a particular blend of perfume fulfils the same function. His use of craft and technology creates a textured response that is emotional and visceral.

5_Christopher_Jenner_Singapore © Michael Franke

6_Christopher_Jenner_Singapore © Michael Franke

Viewed from the street, it is a jewel of an interior, echoing the Beaux Arts buildings that house its neighbours. Inside bright patterned marquetry, upholstered light-boxes, laser-cut brass and bespoke cement tiles draw you in. It’s hard to resist, as it does what London does best – transports you from the everyday into a singular experience that appeals to all the senses.

125 Regent St