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Misia-O’ Brings Trans-it-I-on to London

Fresh from successful exhibitions in Paris last year, Misia-O’ brings Trans-it-I-on, exploring transgender and gender to Gallery 1885 at the Camera Club Gallery in London. The Paris manifestation looked at gender definition. In London, Misia-O’ examines the role of transgender people in Western societies.

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The third part of this ambitious and compassionate series of exhibitions will take place in the USA, examining transgender versus transsexuality. Taken as a whole, the series seeks to reflect on the beauty of transgender and transsexual people in a rare and intimate way. The title of the exhibition is constructed as follows:

Trans: transformation, transcendence, trans
It: How to define ‘it’? What is transgender?
I: I am multiple, You are multiple
on: ‘we’ in French – we each have both female and male qualities

Boldly, the exhibition in London will portray members of the transgender community fully integrated into society in their everyday jobs, entirely in keeping with Misia-O’s agenda of using photography as a means of voicing and confronting social, political and gender-sensitive issues that affect minority groups. Whilst many trans people are public figures (Laverne Cox or Caitlyn Jenner, for example) there are trans people who strive to live ordinary lives and can feel isolated or forgotten.

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Misia-O’ explains the concept of Trans-it-I-on: “Male to female… female to male… reborn while still retaining the depth of the journey. A journey that many in society have yet to understand. This project aims to humbly pay tribute to those who have transcended their gender.”


In a post-Brexit UK, and with Donald Trump about to be inaugurated as president of the USA, it is a good time to reflect on notions of humanistic tolerance, acceptance and love of the ‘other’ in society. SEEN looks forward very much to visiting the exhibition. The last word belongs to Misia-O’: “I will never pretend to fully understand this subject – no one can, unless they are trans people … there is no one answer.’

20th January – 10th February
Mon – Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 6pm

Gallery 1885 at The Camera Club
16 Bowden Street