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Gender Queer Fashion: Art School Blurs the Boundaries

Leave it to fashion to lead the way in new and exciting directions where gender-fluidity is concerned. Sure enough, where fashion leads, brands often follow, but how genuine is the high street’s intention to embrace new thought on gender identification, or is it a cynical attempt to cash in on what is seen as a new trend?

Enter Art School, a new brand that’s focusing on non-binary fashion. Reflecting the lives of the designers and their community, Eden Loweth (a menswear graduate) and Tom Barratt (an art criticism graduate) married their experience of the evolving trans body, and the communication of queer style within counter-culture in a collection that strives to bring the reality of how they see the world to the catwalk, via their debut at Lulu Kennedy’s emerging talent showcase: Fashion East.

Blurring the boundary between catwalk show and performance art, the show was directed by Theo Adams (himself a performance artist) and at the designers’ behest, he created a show with the theme of ‘rehearsal’ – the very antithesis of a polished ‘show’ in the accepted sense of the word and a space where anything is possible.

Inspired by the Ballet Russes and modernist design school, the Bauhaus, the garments celebrated ‘the queer form’ in all its manifestations. Bedecked with Swarovski crystals, the non-models sang and danced freely, reminding the audience (and the wider world) just why fashion creativity in London is so celebrated.

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_1

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_2

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_3

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_4

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_5

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_6

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_7

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_8

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_10

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_11

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_12

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_13

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_14

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_15

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_16

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_17

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_18

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_19

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_20

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_21

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_22

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_23

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_24

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_25

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_26

gender-queer fashion_ART_SCHOOL_AW17_seen_london_27


Photography Lucie Rox

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