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Candy-Coloured Resin Tables by Andy Martin

The technical difficulties attendant on casting resin has not prevented London-based designer (and founder of architecture firm AMA) Andy Martin from creating a series of beautiful tables that look as though they’re composed of light. Layering sections of contrasting colour in each Blocks table – clear and semi-opaque – makes for a jewel-like effect that belies the solidity of the material. The clear resin especially deceives the eye with the distorted perspective of what is viewed on the other side.

“The forms are very simple, but the material, shape and the colour produce warped forms and they challenge visual perception,” said Martin. The collection includes a table formed of concentric pink and blue rings while another taller piece consists of a column with a bright yellow circular top.

When Martin was still a teenager, he started using resin to make surfboards. Subsequent mastery of the material resulted in its use in his architectural models.






Photography Nick Rochowski