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Femme Fatale: The Art of Johnathan Reiner

SEEN needs no excuse to visit Stoke Newington, and so it was that she popped into Hang Up Gallery at 81, Stoke Newington Road. The gallery positively glows with ‘Femme Fatale’, the work of neurologist Johnathan Reiner, who has created some vibrant large-scale prints of mysterious Kahlo-esque women bedecked with flowers, skulls, tattoos and jewellery, often riding exotic animals. Beautifully rendered and slyly humorous, the women seem to mock us by returning our gaze. These are not fragile, helpless creatures, the ‘subjects’ of the artist. Tel Aviv-based Reiner has attributed goddess-like status to his worldly women: they are here to be worshipped.


chooseimmortality totem-alma

Reiner has also used mixed media to great effect (he calls it ‘bastardising’) on found vintage erotic magazine covers, juxtaposing the decorous naked bodies of the women portrayed with cheerful slogans, exhortations to the women (and us?) to redeem ourselves, but subverting the prudish moral tone with cartoon characters. At once subversive and funny, the series is eminently collectible.


johnathan-reiner-colonial-giraffe johnathan-reiner-warrior-boy

The artist has also collaborated with cancer charity ‘Hello Beautiful’ to create a giclee portrait of Eve, updated for the 21st century; tattooed and bedizened with Reiner’s trademark skulls and leather. This rendering of Eve exhorts us to defeat the fear of cancer by taking responsibility for what we eat and put on our bodies.

‘Femme Fatale’ continues until 29th January.

Hang Up Gallery
81 Stoke Newington Road
Stoke Newington
N16 8AD