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Chinese New Year at Hutong: Double Happiness

One of the many pleasures and privileges of living in London is the chance to participate in the world cultures that have their rightful place here. Visitors and residents alike will already know of London’s Chinatown, home to fine dining in the many and varied cuisines of that diverse country. Add to this the whole notion of ‘experience’ – something else that London has wholeheartedly embraced, particularly in that most recognisable symbol of London; the Shard – and you have the perfect way to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The Shard, London, Britain, 31 Jan 2014

Northern Chinese restaurant Hutong, up on level 33 of the Shard (think of the views!) will serve a ‘Double Happiness’ set four course menu on 28th January 2017, priced at £88 (8 being an auspicious number). The menu will feature the traditional Lo Hei mixed raw seafood salad, Shanghai wonton in a chicken broth, Jasmine tea roasted chicken, crispy de-boned lamb ribs, spiced minced pork and more.


The Lo Hei mixed raw seafood salad dates back to the Song Dynasty of 750 years ago, when fishermen would celebrate the 7th day of the New Year (known as ‘Renri’ – everybody’s birthday). A delightful ritual accompanies the eating of the dish; diners must first mix it up beforehand for good luck, tossing the ingredients (salmon, yellowtail, shredded abalone and assorted vegetables) high into the air, while calling out ‘Lo Hei!’ meaning ‘to mix it up!’ and also ‘to prosper more and more!’ Extra-long chopsticks will be available.


Other courses on the set menu include Shanghai wonton in a chicken broth; Jasmine tea-roasted chicken from the barbecue; Hutong’s halibut fillet in a spicy chilli broth; signature crispy de-boned lamb ribs; spicy minced pork with string beans; seafood fried rice with dried salty fish and ginger; and mango pudding for dessert.

The dinner will be accompanied by a traditional lion dance to ward off ‘nian’ or evil spirits, as well as Chinese musicians and noise-makers. Diners will be able to take away personalised mementos of their experience from a Chinese Calligrapher and will also receive a traditional red pocket envelope with gifts and treats. It will be the Year of the Rooster so Hutong will offer wishing cards and the traditional candy box, plus one lucky table will have their bill paid, courtesy of the restaurant.

Drinks will include three variations of the rooster-themed Cockerel-tails.
快樂新的一年 Happy New Year!

Level 33
The Shard
31 St Thomas Street