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A Pearl of an Experience: Nobu Berkeley ST and Alan Crocetti

SEEN tirelessly trawls the gleaming streets of London on the lookout for truly memorable Christmas experiences for you, dear readers, and has stumbled upon an absolute pearl, quite literally. Put simply, it’s an evening of cocktails and jewellery – two of SEEN’s favourite things – in a stunning location: Nobu Berkeley ST.


Mayfair’s Nobu Berkeley ST has teamed up with talented fashion and jewellery designer Alan Crocetti to produce a gorgeous statement piece of jewellery, just in time for Christmas. Nobu Berkeley ST continue to celebrate their support of trend-leading artists across all fields and creative industries with innovative collaborative experiences.

The partnership takes the form of a beautiful Pink Pearl ear cuff designed by Crocetti, served alongside a cocktail, also called the Pink Pearl, curated by the expert team behind the bar. Inspired by the minimalist aesthetic for which Nobu Berkeley ST has become world-famous, The Pink Pearl ear cuff reflects the brand’s unerring sophistication and revolutionary craftsmanship. The cuff embodies Crocetti’s admiration for pearls as a symbol of beauty and positivity, and takes the shape of two chopsticks grabbing the unadulterated precious stone in a nod to Nobu Berkeley ST’s Japanese beginnings.



Visit Nobu Berkeley ST to pick up a Pink Pearl ear cuff for £70 and enjoy a complimentary Pink Pearl Cocktail with your purchase; a truly memorable way to experience Christmas in London, and, SEEN bets, a unique gift for the pearl lover in your life.

The Pink Pearl ear cuff is also available online

Nobu Berkeley ST
15 Berkeley St