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Michael Hoppen Gallery Presents Eugenia Martinez’s Original Portraits

Michael Hoppen Gallery is presenting Eugenia Martinez’s Christmas exhibition, on display until 23rd December. Mexican artist Eugenia Martinez explores her native country’s multi-layered identity and turbulent history through her witty photographic portraits.

We The People, 2016 © Eugenia Martinez. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

Michael Hoppen Gallery is one of the few London galleries solely dedicated to the art of photography. Set over three floors in the heart of Chelsea, Michael Hoppen has been bringing new interesting artists to the London scene since opening the gallery in 1993, when he started exhibiting fine art photography exclusively. Eugenia Martinez, who considers herself as autodidactic, has worked mainly as a painter of Mexican portraits from the colonial era to the 1960’s, enhanced by metaphorical texts.

Clown Family, 2016 © Eugenia Martinez. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery
Clown Family, 2016 © Eugenia Martinez. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

Influenced by Frida Kahlo, this original artist’s portraits incorporate literal or sometimes distorted quotes from politicians, song lyrics and slang, in different shades of white that create hypnotic, and in some cases even optical, effects, with the intention of creating a contradictory story that invites us to look beyond the work and discover Mexico’s real history and society.

Two Ladies with Red Clan, 2016 © Eugenia Martinez. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

Her first solo show in New York in 2013, I Don’t Have a Dream, consisted exclusively of photographs, (which she finds less subjective that paintings), that reflected the social cleavage between the public discourse of different Mexican social groups, and their true thoughts. Now this exhibition at Michael Hoppen includes Eugenia Martinez’s portraits; Clown Family, We The People, and Two Ladies with Red Clan, to name but a few of the works by this exciting and intriguing artist.

You can also view and buy Eugenia Martinez’s work online here.

Michael Hoppen Gallery
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Sculpture in the City, Art for Everyone

SEEN thoroughly enjoyed a preview of the 18 new artworks around the financial district’s square mile. Set up by The City of London in 2010, this excellent initiative expands its footprint every year, improving the area and proving that when people are happy, they work better.

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Alex Evans at the Foundry Gallery, Chelsea Quarter: LDF17

The astute reader will have noticed that SEEN loves art about London. There are many artists in this city who draw (pun intended) their inspiration from it, none more so than Alex Evans whose fractal renderings hint at the entropic nature of urban life and perhaps also our anxieties and isolation in the 21st century. His latest exhibition ‘Invisible Systems’ can be seen at the Foundry Gallery, tucked away off the King’s Road until 26th October.