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Christmas Cocktail Gifts: A Vintage Taste of London

With the festive season upon us, SEEN feels that her friends will appreciate cocktail-themed gifts. Just the one cocktail, mind! Let’s drink responsibly, and how better than by quaffing drinks that are so quintessentially British? SEEN has already asked Santa for The Ultimate Gin & Tonic Gift Set which consists of 35cl Sipsmith gin, 2 x 200ml Indian Tonic, and 2 Dartington glasses and a bar blade. Available from Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and online. RRP £40-45.

If a G & T isn’t your thing, how about a Rhubarb Collins? The Rhubarb & Ginger Collins cocktail kit will probably hit the spot. Tart, fruity and filled with flavour – a lip-smackingly tasty twist on a Vodka Collins. This zingy effervescent cocktail mixes vodka, lemon & ginger syrup and sparkling rhubarb. Imbibe while lively! The drink AND you. This rather lovely kit contains: 5cl Ketel One Vodka, 15cl Cawston Press Sparkling Rhubarb, 2cl Tipplesworth Lemon & Ginger Syrup, and – of course – a Cocktail Stirrer.
RRP £15.00 Stockists include Waitrose, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, online and select premium retailers.


For something with a bit more of a kick, mix yourself a Ginger Mule. The Ginger Mule Cocktail Case is a retro classic that is deliciously refreshing and will fill you with zing! New for AW 2016, this delightful case features Ketel One Vodka, Fentiman’s Ginger Beer, Angostura Bitters, jigger, copper mule cups, barspoon, lime squeezer and a recipe card. RRP £189. All neatly packed in a quirky, handmade leather-look cocktail case, which has a vibrant red painted outer and dazzling inner pattern.


Despite SEEN’s admonition to drink sensibly, you’ve overdone it. You need coffee! In which case, do join SEEN for a strong pick-me-up at The Gentleman Baristas. Established in 2014, the award-winning team at The Gentlemen Baristas believe that coffee should be ‘well-mannered and well made’. They have partnered with iconic frontier whiskey Bulleit Bourbon and Dumo Mathema at The Roastery Department to create the UK’s first bourbon barrel-aged coffee. Available in two varieties – The Trucker, a rich espresso; and The Gatsby, a smooth filter – both have a spicy finish from the Bulleit ageing process. Served up with courtesy and a warm welcome at their coffee house in Southwark.

The Gentleman Baristas have a core range of hand-roasted coffee that is as flavourful and considered as it is whimsically named. Their range at Harvey Nichols includes The Gatsby, £15; The Trucker, £14.95; The Tophat, £9.95; The Bowler, £10.95; The Pith Helmet, £10.95 and The Deerstalker, £9.95.

Cheers, your very good health, and now for the hair of the dog that bit you…