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Barnaby Barford’s ‘Me Want Now’ at David Gill

SEEN is pleased to announce a new body of work by Barnaby Barford at David Gill Gallery. After his residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum for ‘The Tower of Babel’ project in 2015, Barford is back in London with his ‘Me Want Now’ installation, a metaphorical narrative on the dominance of our current ‘me first’ culture, debating our values in an increasingly polarised political landscape. It will be on display until 21st December 2016.


Have more, buy more, do better, move forward, grow, succeed, win… Through sculptures and drawings, this installation challenges us to stop and ask ourselves how we relate to others in the world we live in. The never-ending pace of life driven by the powerful desires of the individual triggers an animalistic self-preservation instinct in us.

The exhibition starts with large-scale energetic World Drawings offering ‘More’, ‘Power’, ‘Change’, ‘Choice’, ‘Hope’, ‘Glory’, ‘Greatness’. Things that we are taught to want now, with no regard for the consequences. They form claustrophobic ‘nets’ that envelop a series of life-size animal sculptures and Trophy Heads.

At the heart of the ‘Me Want Now’ exhibition is a queue of animals lining up patiently waiting, from an 8ft Polar Bear to a Rabbit, as a visual allegory of human existence. In a separate room, a series of Trophy Heads feature ceramic animal heads mounted on mirrored plaques that offer a disturbing sense of doom; Barford’s metaphor of the future that awaits us all as a human species.


As Barnaby Barford explained, “Individually, the words I have chosen are positive as are the pieces in isolation, it is in their relationship to each other and ultimately the installation as a whole that drives the narrative of the exhibition. Fear promotes the ‘me first’ culture, the disregard of consequences and the collateral damage that ensues seems to be eroding our sense of collective humanity.”

Now is the time to pause and ask ourselves if we can avert this doomed future. Barford poses us the question: ”In the face of our insatiable need for more, and the resulting constant sense of discontent, is this what we really want?”

David Gill Gallery
2-4 King Street
St James

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AVANTgarden: Be You, Be Proud

SEEN is intrigued to hear about AVANTgarden from FKA Twigs, a new digizine dedicated to self-care, beauty and the art of braids within the black community. Certainly on my voyaging around London, I’m struck, as an observer, by the beauty and complexity of the braids I see.

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Halloween at Sexy Fish

In London, you don’t go on a night out so much as partake of a new experience. Leave it to the gloriously named Sexy Fish in Mayfair to add a unique event to this year’s Halloween calendar.

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Ladies of the Press at Sluice Biennial

SEEN headed up to Hackney recently, there to peruse this year’s Sluice Biennial. A large and airy building at Morning Lane housed fascinating creative projects by artists and creators who have come together under the Sluice banner. What SEEN particularly liked was the variety of work on display and the informal atmosphere in which it …

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The Castle at the Space: SEEN Reviews

SEEN was not that familiar with the work of Howard Barker prior to seeing ‘The Castle’ but feels she must rectify that situation. A powerful piece on the nature of masculinity, war, gender roles and the essential unreliability of religious faith, ‘The Castle’ benefits from a powerhouse cast and a stripped-back set, making the most of the Space’s environment.

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Original Swimming Party Release ‘Biggest Curse’

Electronic experimental duo Original Swimming Party, have announced the release of their new single  ‘Biggest Curse’ featuring vocalist Moonchild Sanelly. Taken from their forthcoming remix EP, the single is now available to stream from October 6th.

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Heist Bank Beer Festival

Beer connoisseurs would do well to get themselves along to the Heist Bank Beer Festival this weekend, the 14th and 15th October. The bar in Paddington will be celebrating the finest keg and cask beers known to humanity, from UK brewers, Fourpure, Beavertown, Thornbridge and Wild Beer Co., who will headline, launching special seasonal releases …