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HeyGreenGo Launches: An App to get Londoners Connecting

Forget Tindr, Grindr and all the rest of the sleazy hook-up apps, try HeyGreenGo instead; it’s an app designed to get solitary Londoners TALKING and INTERACTING again, instead of hunched over their iPhones and Android phones, oblivious to others around them as they navigate this great city of ours.


The premise is very simple: You get the free app, sign in and instantly you can get chatting to like-minded souls in your immediate vicinity, based on your mutual interests. When you actually meet, you award badges to your connection so that others know that they are good-hearted, safe people with whom it is excellent to associate IN REAL LIFE. No more hiding behind a screen pretending to be someone you’re not.

The great advantage of course, apart from the badges aspect, is that the app is a terrific ice-breaker for students new to college or uni, visitors looking to explore the city in the company of residents and eventually, the creators hope, a great way of doing business networking. Try it for yourself. Available for iPhone and Android.