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The Union Catwalk Show at the London College of Fashion

There was a distinct buzz in the air on Thursday 1st December, as the audience assembled for the second year student show at UAL’s College of Fashion in John Bright Street, just off bustling Oxford Circus. In the words of the student’s Digital Catwalk tutor Deborah Britz, the degree students must work together as a team to produce their show, which includes ‘print design, garment design and realisation, sponsorship and event organisation.’ SEEN is thrilled to report that the fruits of their team effort bode very well indeed for the future of fashion and for their own careers.

SEEN was very impressed with the sheer versatility, diversity and fun of the outfits on show. José Alvarez gave us bold neoprene silhouettes in red, like modern armour. Daniel Enriquez made a leather jacket with scars and bruises on it. The beautiful digital prints of Dorcas Assan were quite mesmerising, flowing beautifully. The work of Evangelina Rodriguez used children’s drawings as a starting point for releasing our inner kid, while Imra Uppal showed beautiful layered dresses that tricked the eye. Mood swings influenced the work of Jade Bruce Linton with a standout monochrome collection that was both quirky and wearable. Jessica Wong’s hypnotic prints created a beautiful and mysterious ambience. Lois Allen chose ‘Disturbia’ as her theme, reflecting on how we have two faces: public and private. The poetry of Rimbaud inspired Marina Thomas – stretched rainbows indeed. Namibia Khadijah chose the meaning and synonyms of dreams as her starting point. Patricia Pagans used computer-generated images of insects for a HR Giger vibe while Violet Chin expanded on the 50s housewife to comment on the repression of women, in an ironic and witty way. Memorable images included socks attached to sponges, and juggling models. Part catwalk, part cabaret show, but all uplifting.

It’s always interesting to observe the processes at play in the creative process of young and emerging designers. It is SEEN’s fervent hope to be invited back to future shows to see how these designers have developed.













London College of Fashion

20 John Prince’s Street 


Photographer Sanne Glasbergen.