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The Skateroom

SEEN can’t skateboard for toffee but that hasn’t stopped her coveting one of the Skateroom’s glorious artwork-inspired decks. The Skateroom harnesses the energy of the contemporary art world with the dynamism of skate culture by inviting artists to create limited edition artworks on skateboards. Proceeds from each initiative go towards supporting non-profit projects that empower children through skateboarding and art. Ranging from entry-level prices at just €160, to hand-signed collectors’ items and exclusive collaborations at €4,850, there’s a deck for every art aficionado.





Icons of 20th and 21st century art are represented here: Andy Warhol’s work is much in evidence with his ‘Car Crash’ and ‘8 Colored Campbell’s Soup Cans’. SEEN also loved ’Giant Robot’ by David Choe, the political leader collection (Thatcher, Reagan, Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh) by Frank Kozik, ‘Obey’ by Shepherd Fairey, and ‘Time’s Up’ by Dface, part of the Skateroom’s personal collection (prior to their current round of artistic collaborations). Whether they’re destined for the street, the skate parks or the wall, they’re guaranteed to be flying off the shelves this Christmas.

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