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Helen Marten Wins the 2016 Turner Prize

Helen Marten has won two prestigious art prizes within a month of each other. She won the Hepworth Prize for sculpture in November, generously sharing the prize money with her fellow nominees. She intends to do the same with the £25,000 for the Turner Prize, which was set up to promote public discourse around new contemporary art. The outgoing director of the Tate Galleries, Sir Nicholas Serota addressed the ceremony, saying that art serves to make society open to new ideas: ‘We need to encourage such openness in a society that faces many changes.’

Portrait Juergen Teller.
Portrait Juergen Teller.

Art enthusiasts can see Marten’s work at Tate Britain. Juxtaposing hand-made and found objects in her installations, Marten brings a mysterious narrative poetry to her work, which includes cotton buds, marbles, snooker chalk and bicycle chains. Marten was nominated for her projects Lunar Nibs (at the 56th Venice Biennale) and her solo exhibition Eucalyptus Let Us In (at Greene Naftali in New York). The viewer is invited to interpret the meaning of her work in a highly individual, yet culture-led way.