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John Pearse: Tailor to the Stars

Who makes those flamboyant suits and shirts worn by stars such as Mick Jagger? SEEN unravels this well-kept secret for you. He is John Pearse: ‘London’s funkiest tailor to the stars’, whose atelier has been an established landmark in Soho for 30 years.

Trained in Savile Row by the Duke of Edinburgh’s tailor, Teddy Watson, at Hawes & Curtis, John began designing in the Swinging Sixties (a time of cultural revolution) epitomising the anarchic London style of the time, which is to say colourful and outrageous. At his first shop, Granny Takes a Trip, on the Kings Road in Chelsea, he dressed The Beatles, the Stones, Brigitte Bardot, Hendrix, The Who, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol… he drew the stars of the time like moths to a flame.

John then left London and travelled the world: first, Paris and Rome, where he met Fellini and was introduced to acting. Next, he crossed the Atlantic, met Andy Warhol and even made a film, The Moviemakers, which was shown at the London Film Festival in 1972 and described by critics it as ’drug induced rubbish’. Then came LA, Berlin, Cannes…
In the mid-70s, he was approached by someone for whom he had made a suit in the 60s, who needed another one made. That was what brought John back to London, and his beloved Soho. He based himself in Royalty Mansions, which was built in 1908 as flats with workrooms just for tailors. It was right next door to his current shop, to which he moved in 1986, in the tiny Georgian Meard Street, between Wardour and Dean Streets.

He currently produces a collection of one-off ready-to-wear shirts, knitted ties, suits for men and women, and coats. Indeed, John’s moleskin coat is his signature piece. It has a high neck and comes belted for women and beltless for men. Brad Pitt wears it in the original beige/tan colourway on the set of Ocean’s Eleven.
But bespoke tailoring accounts for 80 per cent of John’s business. He uses interesting cloths, some with bold patterns or colours, and has a relaxed flair in his designs. If you want to dress like a star, looking impeccable and feeling exclusive, John Pearse is the tailor for you.

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John Pearse
6 Meard Street
+44 20 7434 0738