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Magalie: Spain’s Hidden Treasure

Spain has many fashion secrets to be discovered and it is SEEN’s pleasure to help you in your search. This time we’ve seen Marga Arévalo’s artworks, in the form of her beautiful Magalie bags, and SEEN thinks you should know about them before anyone else in London. We’ve interviewed Marga to learn everything about her exclusive handcrafted bags, completely made-in-Spain…

Spain has many fashion secrets to be discovered and it is SEEN’s pleasure to help you in your search. This time we’ve seen Marga Arévalo’s artworks, in the form of her beautiful Magalie bags, and SEEN thinks you should know about them before anyone else in London. We’ve interviewed Marga to learn everything about her exclusive handcrafted bags, completely made-in-Spain…


SEEN: Where does Magalie come from? Why did you get into this business?

Marga Arévalo: Magalie’s origin and home lie in Port Cabopino, on the road between Fuengirola and Marbella, in the south of Spain. Here is where I was born days after my father, an architect from Barcelona, finished the design and construction of this singular port in Marbella in May, 1979. This place epitomises the duality in the Andalusian spirit of unpretentious exclusivity and practical beauty.

Inspired by both my birthplace and my own duality, I have attempted to capture the same attention to detail, the same craftsmanship, the same Andalusian colours and “aromas” as Port Cabopino, with this creation. Ultimately, I have tried to recreate a piece of my world, which I hope my clients can also fall in love with.


S: Magalie’s bags are all made-in-Spain, something you are proud of. Tell us how your designs are translated from paper into beautiful works of art.

MA: Every Magalie bag is exclusively made in what many consider the birthplace of leather craftsmanship in Spain, the internationally renowned city of Ubrique, Cadiz. It is in this quaint town in the south of Spain that our artisans reside, and where each MAGALIE is assembled.

Each piece is made using traditional time-honoured methods and handcrafted individually, with the utmost attention to detail. All materials and elements that compose each piece are of the highest quality, with a special mention to our leather and wicker. We are very proud that each Magalie is 100% assembled by some of the best artisans in Ubrique.


S: Where did you get the inspiration from to design your bags?

MA: The firm Magalie was born out of my desire to share and celebrate a very personal and intimate life philosophy and to express it via a unique collection of handbags. My latest collection is ‘Duality’, which means to live life with the conviction that you do not need to choose between north and south, cold and warmth, the objective and the subjective, passion and reason. The best of ourselves lies in our duality and it is there that we can become the best version of ourselves. And I want to share this philosophy with a very small group of people, those people who share the same philosophy and who also feel that Duality is part of their lives. I am convinced that the people I talk to want and desire, just like I do, something that is unique, timeless, and outstandingly beautiful.


S: ‘Duality’ was presented some months ago. How did it develop?

‘Duality’ began with its design, meshing leather with wicker, right and obtuse angles, animal features with precious metals, a practical size with an aesthetic design and a communication style that mixes different tones and concepts.

This is where the collection originates, from the careful combination of contrasts that ultimately result in harmony, a stylish and delicately balanced handbag.  That is ‘Duality’.


The ‘Duality’ collection is my tangible interpretation of that feminine duality. It is born out of my aspiration to materialise duality by means of contrasting materials and in the unconventional execution of its shape and form. We have successfully assembled timeless and balanced pieces using two contrasting elements: calfskin with its sublime elasticity, spongy and very smooth feel, and a wicker frontal structure, characterised by its rigid look and feel. This concoction travels through our pieces following geometrical right angles and curves, further establishing the duality philosophy that Magalie stands for: Aesthetic architectural pieces expressed using natural, living elements with their own distinctive character.


S: The ‘Duality’ collection consists of three different limited-edition models: K194, K194 Mini and L168. Can you tell us more about them? We’ve heard they hide some surprises!

MA: The ‘Duality’ 2016 collection includes 3 designs (K194, K194 Mini, L168), each part of a limited and numbered production of 121 handbags. Once this limited edition has been sold, the ‘Duality’ 2016 designs will NOT be reproduced. It is my promise. Future collections will be inspired by different concepts and will follow different designs. I want every client who acquires one of the limited and numbered Duality 2016 handbags to know that she holds one of only 121 units that exist in the entire world. Not a single one more. Ever again.

K194 Dauphin

In addition to designing an elegant and timeless handbag, we have incorporated a technological component, which we feel adds real value to your experience with Magalie. Each one of the 121 handbags of the 3 limited and numbered designs ((K194, K194 Mini, L168), comes with an innovative anti-theft warning system, which will help you in protecting your precious belongings. We have called it Magalie Security.

Magalie Security
Magalie Security

The collection also includes two smaller bags, the N25 and G39. The N25 is the smallest in this year’s collection, making it a perfect accessory for both day and evening events. It includes a metallic gold plated centerpiece, which allows its handle to pivot 180 degrees – a Magalie special design. This piece’s rustic texture provides the collection with its more potent, bare, natural side. Different dualities come together in this design, such as the cold, clear colours merging with the warmer, wooden colours, and the ever-present leather and wicker.


The G39 is a rectangular bag with a clean and elegant line, which caters to a wide range of occasions and users. It possesses a unique metal closing piece, which allows the handle to pivot, thus enabling the user to hold it at different angles and positions.


Magalie’s ‘Duality’ 2016 collection was presented only five months ago in Madrid; last September, her bags visited Paris to be showcased at Premiere Class; Magalie has also participated in New York Fashion Week. The international tour will continue during the coming months, with London on the list. Stay tuned for dates and more!


See all ‘Duality’ bags and purchase any of these beauties at: Magalie

Learn more about the exquisite design and craftsmanship behind every Magalie bag, by watching their campaign video here:

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