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Andrea Carballo

SEEN attended the Argentine Film Festival recently and enjoyed 'Finding Sofía' a darkly comic film about an animator who goes to Argentina to visit a woman he meets online, only to find her living with her artist boyfriend and his quirky assistant. We were lucky enough to get an interview with the talented Andrea Carballo, who plays the complicated Sofía...

SEEN attended the Argentine Film Festival recently and enjoyed ‘Finding Sofía’ a darkly comic film about an animator who goes to Argentina to visit a woman he meets online, only to find her living with her artist boyfriend and his quirky assistant. We were lucky enough to get an interview with the talented Andrea Carballo, who plays the complicated Sofía…

Andrea, many congratulations to you and everyone involved in ‘Finding Sofía’. It was warmly received last night by the audience at the Picturehouse. Was it an unnerving experience for you to watch it with us?

Thank you so much, it is always so special to see the movie with an audience, it was a pleasure to present Finding Sofia at AFF. I often feel a little anxious about whether people will like it or not. Luckily the audience seemed to like it, which is great. Finding Sofia was also featured at the BAFICI, a film festival in Buenos Aires. It is fascinating to see how the public reacts to the film, it is always different.

You spoke last night of only having a week from reading the script to filming. Is this your usual method of working?

No, this is not my usual method; ideally, I would have more time. It depends on the project. In this case, it was a last-minute thing. The truth is that even though we only had a week, everyone in the team worked hard and everyone was extremely dedicated and committed to the project, they were amazing. The same applied to the filming phase; we were in a remote place called El Tigre surrounded by nature. Being with a team in the middle of a beautiful nature spot provided us with the right environment for working hard, without distractions. The filming crew was also excellent.

So going back to the topic of having more time to get prepared, yes I usually do have more time, but for the case of Finding Sofia this was not a problem at all.
At the moment I am getting ready for my next film which I will start shooting in February 2017. It is called El Otro Nombre which would translate as The Other Name. This movie is by Natural Arpajou, and this time, I have plenty of time to get prepared for the role.

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There’s much talk in the UK film world about the lack of complexity in female characters on film, yet Sofia is the very opposite of this. Were her contradictory qualities hard to capture?

I think what you say is interesting, and also an important point to talk about. Sofia is a character full of contradictions to the extent that this particular trait of hers became the primary focus of my work as an actress. I cannot say, per se, whether it was a challenging role for me to play. When becoming her I chose not to judge her, not even to ask myself too many questions about why she made certain decisions; I did not try to analyse her and understand her emotional being.

It was refreshing to see characters who don’t necessarily have a happy ending together. Independent cinema often explores this sort of story. Are you keen to do more ‘indie’ films?

I agree, happy endings can sometimes be annoying and disappointing. I think that Finding Sofia has a “mature ending” rather than an unhappy ending, and I like that.

I have been working in independent films for many years. Luckily the Indie film industry is full of incredibly talented directors and actors, which gives me the opportunity to learn extensively, and Finding Sofia was not only a great opportunity for me but also an extremely rewarding and positive experience that I will always cherish.

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The director of ‘Finding Sofía’, Nicolas Casavecchia, hinted last night at a new film in the planning. Will you be involved?

I do not know yet; I think they are still working on the script. I would love to have the opportunity to work with him again; it would be such a privilege and honour.

And finally, Andrea, what has been your favourite thing to do in London while you’ve been here for the Argentine Film Festival?

I had such a terrific time! I guess I loved walking along the East Village Fair, the Soho, and Hackney areas. And I liked the Netil360 rooftop view, so stunning! The food market is a must (which I found by chance). I enjoyed eating cinnamon buns at Violet.

Discovering Shakespeare’s Globe was an incredibly emotional experience for me. Similarly, the Victoria and Albert Museum was a very enjoyable cultural activity.
London is an amazing city; it has so much to offer.


  • Text Elinor Perry-Smith
  • Photographer Bob Lightowler
  • Make Up Vero Momenti
  • Hair Stylist Yamila Zarlenga

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