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Kikki.K: Quirky London

Fans of Swedish Kikki.K’s stationery will already know that they have a delightful London range. All your iconic London symbols, which is to say Tower Bridge, the Tube, Big Ben, the Big Wheel, the fast-disappearing Red Telephone box, the London Bus… they’re all here in traditional red, white and blue, yet they seem fresh and light with none of the usual heaviness you associate with tourist tat.

With tote bags, wrapping paper, cards, pens and notebooks, Kikki.K boasts a small but eclectic selection ideal for the visitor to jot down notes in – go on, or you’ll forget – or to buy presents to take back home, or even to send. They’re very reasonably priced from £3 to £9; the perfect Summer purchase when you’re travelling light.

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