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Bol Jars: Surprising Salad

SEEN has had the pleasure of trying these and can actually report that they make you feel full, an attribute I don’t normally associate with salad. They are hearty, packed with flavour and protein and handily come with dressing and a collapsible fork inside. There are four pots: The Californian; The Mediterranean; The Persian and The Japanese.

The Californian contains chargrilled broccoli, kale, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, red and white quinoa, soy and white miso dressing. This was delicious. Normally any mention of quinoa has SEEN screaming for a bag of chips, but there wasn’t too much of it here and the dressing was just right.


The Mediterranean comprised roasted butternut squash, feta cheese, chickpeas, lemon and sun-dried tomato dressing. Without question, this was the heartiest of the lot. The squash was perhaps a tad al dente for some tastes but again, was a nice texture for this reviewer.


The Persian had spiced Cauliflower, beluga lentils, courgette, spinach, pomegranate and sumac dressing. The cauliflower was nice and crunchy and the pomegranate seeds were lovely and sweet.

seen london BOL_THE PERSIAN

The Japanese was made up of tenderstem broccoli, raw slaw, black rice, black and edamame beans, soy, white miso and ginger dressing. Very flavourful, and great texture from the broccoli and raw slaw.

seen london BOL_JAPANESE

Childhood memories of salad consisting of limp lettuce, pale tomatoes and watery cucumber with no dressing have been firmly banished with these Bol jars. Salad that fills you up, do you good AND are actually what you want to eat works for SEEN. They pack enough in to justify the price of £3.99 and are a welcome addition to the food-to-go aisles of my local big supermarket, particularly if I don’t want to eat bread with my meal.

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