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University of Westminster’s 2016 Graduate Fashion Show

This year’s graduates in the Fashion Design BA Honours from the University of Westminster showcased their debut collections on 26 May 2016 at Ambika P3, the vast underground space below the University’s Marylebone Campus in Central London.

This year’s graduates in the Fashion Design BA Honours from the University of Westminster showcased their debut collections on 26 May 2016 at Ambika P3, the vast underground space below the University’s Marylebone Campus in Central London.

Final year collections were presented in a vibrant and eclectic runway shows. They featured menswear, womenswear, tailoring, print, and embellishment in front of a high-profile industry audience that included fashion journalists Sarah Mower and Charlie Porter, plus Westminster alumni Claire Barrow, Ashley Williams, Robert Einer, and Liam Hodges. The University’s annual fashion runway show is acclaimed for the excellent range and quality of fresh ideas that the new fashion graduates deliver year after year. No easy feat in London. Liam Hodges said: “It was great to see so many students presenting cohesive collections that really represented a strong point of view and personality.”

Katie Rose, Director of fashion agency The Bridge and Madeleine Davenport, Director of the December Agency were among the judges who selected this year’s graduate collections for the runway show. Liam O’Sullivan showed off his maverick approach in a unique collection for women featuring everyday, throwaway items, inspired by local urban girls with attitude; Leah White showed how garish market-stall textiles can be transformed into brilliantly inventive pieces for a confident girl who wants to stand out from the crowd; Christopher Pak’s collection displayed distinctive womenswear from his beautiful hand-crafted textiles, inspired by the outsider artist James Castle. Madeleine Davenport, Director of the December Agency, said: “It’s really inspiring to see the quality of graduates that Westminster are producing at BA level. The young designers have shown originality and impressive craftsmanship that will no doubt set them on the path to successful careers in industry or indeed continuing their further education in fashion design.”

New pathways for menswear were also explored in startlingly different ways, including a fresh take on modern sportswear from Yasemin Cakli and new, sexy tailoring from Jack Byne, (who interned last year at Louis Vuitton’s menswear studio in Paris). He showed a menswear collection featuring striped silk taffetas, in pale yellow-greys and khaki-greens, contrasted with jet-black leather.

Andrew Groves, Course Director of the University of Westminster’s Fashion Design BA said: “With the international fashion industry currently going through a period of change, instability and upheaval, our graduates have shown a variety of different responses to the challenges that this demands. Their collections have demonstrated an incredible mixture of creativity paired with excellent technical skills, which offer hope, and show where fashion will be heading in the future.”
This prestigious University is renowned for producing some of the most exciting young designers in recent history including Liam Hodges, Claire Barrow and Ashley Williams. Previous alumni of the course include Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer of Burberry; Jutta Kraus, Creative Director of Bernhard Willhelm; and Stuart Vevers, Creative Director of Coach.

Roberta Einer, from the class of 2015, launched her eponymous label at London Fashion Week last February and was selected as the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN ‘One-to-watch’. Fellow graduate David Ferreira showed his debut runway collection at the New York Fashion Week in September last year.
The University of Westminster Fashion Design BA Honours course continually produces distinctive, creative designers of the highest calibre, and is in the top ten globally renowned courses for its quality of teaching, internships opportunities and outstanding facilities offered to students.

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Photo caption: Designs by University of Westminster 2016 graduates.
Photo copyright © Simon Armstrong

Make-up by Carly Utting, Debbit Finnigan, Rebecca Butterworth, Dominic Skinner and the M.A.C Pro Team. Special thanks to Terry Barber, Director of Makeup Artistry M.A.C. Hair by Frankie Pullen and the Daniel Galvin Team for L’Oreal Professionnel.