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Craft London is a Stevie Parle with Tom Dixon New British restaurant, café, cocktail bar, and a shop, located in one of the Peninsula’s Gateway Pavilions, right at the end of the Jubilee line at The O2.


Craft London is a Stevie Parle with Tom Dixon New British restaurant, café, cocktail bar, and a shop, located in one of the Peninsula’s Gateway Pavilions, right at the end of the Jubilee line at The O2.

The café, open from 08:00 to 18:00, is on the ground floor where you can pick up a loaf of Greenwich Rise (wood oven baked sourdough) with a Craft London roasted coffee, or a pizza and salad with Verdant green juice, and enjoy it inside or outside, where you can also wander through the Peninsula Garden. Parle has the use of this new public park, co-designed by Dixon, Thomas Hoblyn and the Guardian’s gardening columnist Alys Fowler, for an orchard that supplies much of the restaurant’s fresh produce.


This New British restaurant, crammed with the best of Britain from Scottish tweed, British limestone and London designed furniture and lighting, is on the first floor of Craft London. They offer an à la carte menu, 6 course menu, set lunch and a 60 minute menu if you want to dine before a show at the 02.

Stevie runs the kitchen with the chefs, producing much of what they serve in-house, from the cured meat, to the honey for the ice cream and butter for the bread. With their own wood-fired ovens, in-house curing rooms, a vast kitchen for on-site butchery, a fermenting cellar and coffee roastery, plus the kitchen garden, both the restaurant dishes and the products are created using almost exclusively British produce bought from reputable farmers and always handled with a light, modern, touch.

The most outstanding of Stevie Parle’s dishes at Craft London is the clay-baked duck. Served wrapped in pale clay on a nest of pine, it opens to reveal more layers of hay and fermented cabbage until a roast duck, lacquered in honey and miso, appears, almost too perfect to be real. It is then served with purple pickled carrot, roll of cabbage, a sweet-savoury pear and ‘fireplace potatoes’. Watch the video below if you want to make your mouth water… and don’t forget to pre-order it while booking if you want to give it a try.


The bar is above the restaurant and has a great 360 degree view, a lovely terrace and carefully-chosen drinks. The cocktail list has been put together by Adam Wyatt-Jones and echoes Stevie’s influence in the kitchen. No fruit is used out of season, and very little has been imported so the cocktails use honey, treacle or golden syrup instead of regular white sugar syrup. The back bar is full of an amazing selection of hand-made whiskey and gin as well as the infusions, tinctures, bitters and shrubs made in-house.

Craft London from Craft London on Vimeo.

Definitely a must for this spring!

Craft London
+44(0)20 8465 5910

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