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Formerly known as Antony Hegarty, singer-musician Anohni has released the music video of her newest single ‘Drone Bomb Me’, featuring top model Naomi Campell, via Apple Music. The director of the video is photographer and filmmaker Nabil, who has worked with artists Kanye West, Frank Ocean and FKA Twigs.

Ricardo Tisci – art director at Givenchy – directed the artistic aspects of the video and has styled Naomi Campbell with Givenchy costumes throughout. In the video, we see the supermodel lip-synching to Anohni’s vocals with tear-filled eyes, transmitting high sensitivity and emotion in a dark and peaceful environment that she shares with some male dancers.

“It’s a love song from the perspective of a girl from Afghanistan whose family has been killed by a drone bomb. She looks up to the sky and just wants to be killed by a drone bomb too,” Anohni said recently in an interview on Radio 1. “Blow me from the mountains and into the sea,” she sings with her unique and particular voice.
The result is a touching video; aesthetically harmonious, sincere and delicate, which involves fashion, music andhumanitarianism.