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Inspired by great tapas restaurants and sherry taverns in Spain, Drakes Tabanco takes typical Spanish tapas and adds a special twist, creating an interesting and imaginative array of dishes.

The restaurant focuses on small dishes inspired by tapas from the many regions of Spain, particularly Andalusia, from where it takes the name ‘Tabanco’, a Spanish word used to described a typical Andalusian sherry tavern.
The establishment was designed by the owners, Nigel Howell and his business partner, Tim Luther. They opened the restaurant in October 2011 and their goal was to make Drakes Tabanco a reflection of a traditional Andalusian bar; uncomplicated, unpretentious, authentic and warm.

The owners’ recommendation includes the wide range of rare, long-aged, barrelled sherries produced by Fernando de Castilla. Outside of this prodigious winery, Drakes Tabanco is the only place in the world where these wines can be enjoyed straight from the barrel. This, of course, provides an entirely unique experience. To enjoy these wines to the full, the owners suggest checking out their 5-course Pairing Menu, which showcases just how great these wines can be with foods of all kinds.

3 Windmill St,
London W1T 2HY
020 7637 9388

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