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allSisters was born to allow women to move freely in and out of the water. allSisters emphasizes the use of recycled materials that are innovative, high quality and also supports ethical codes of manufacture.

Patricia, everyone just loved the swimsuit that we used on the Punkarella shoot. It was sexy, stylish yet very well-constructed. What came first for allSisters – the way it looked or how it was made?

allSisters was born to allow women to move freely in and out of the water. allSisters emphasizes the use of recycled materials that are innovative, high quality and also supports ethical codes of manufacture. We believe that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. We did huge research to find high quality recycled fabrics and paper. The lycra we use contains almost 80% recycled polyamide to create a soft and durable material of very high quality.

How did allSisters combine Eco-consciousness, fair trade practices and such a strong design ethic?

I couldn’t imagine creating a fashion brand in any other way and I believe that all businesses should opt for a sustainable business model.  We are always hard at work finding sustainable materials to produce a responsible brand that can compete in the fashion industry.

Are there plans for allSisters to branch out with other colours, if that doesn’t compromise the environmental considerations of manufacture?

We are constantly looking for recycled fabrics and other ways to produce responsibly. Of course we love colours, textures and patterns, but we are more focused on shape to emphasise women’s silhouettes, giving them the power and confidence to feel sexy, in and out of the water.


Where do allSisters produce their pieces?

We try to produce everything in Barcelona, my home city. We believe in local trade for a global world.

Is the location of manufacture important to you?

Yes, it is important to reduce waste and help your immediate social environment.

With the emphasis on durability and design, do allSisters anticipate that their customers will have a capsule collection of swimwear to last many years?

For sure! allSisters wants to be the preferred brand for all active women who live a passionate life, who love fashion and sport. We believe that the swimsuits must be like them – multifunctional to suit their needs.

Do you see fashion and sustainability as a game-changer?

The entire world has to make that change. The fashion industry must empower a new movement promoting the reuse of waste. We must develop new ethical resources.


Given the environmental considerations of manufacture, what washing advice would you give to the readers of SeenLondon who buy one of allSisters beautiful pieces?

Always handwash and dry in the shade. Use biodegradable soap sparingly.

SeenLondon co-opted the cut-out swimsuit as daywear for our Punkarella shoot, as it perfectly embodied the strong look we were going for. How do you feel about that?

I love to take swimsuits from ocean to outfit. You did a great job, styling Punkarella.

And finally, Patricia, please complete the following sentence:

 ‘when in doubt, wear_____’
‘…a black outfit! It’s always a good idea.’


  • Text Elinor Perry-Smith
  • Photography Pedro Rosenblat
  • Styling Alegna Merlino
  • Make Up Monika Swiatek
  • Model Cara Smith @ NAMED MODELS
  • Model Will Stead @ PRM AGENCY

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