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Rosita & The Sherry Bar

An ode to Spain’s famous Jerez, Rosita is a bar that offers Londoners a taste of this Andalusian wine.

An ode to Spain’s famous Jerez, Rosita is a bar that offers Londoners a taste of this Andalusian wine. Owners Cristina Garcia and chef Antonio Belles opened Rosita three years ago after the success of their first restaurant, Lola Rojo. This time the establishment is dedicated to their love of Jerez sherry, a traditional fortified wine made from grapes that are grown in the Spanish region of Andalusia.


Rosita was decorated by Blue Crow and welcomes customers with a large painting by Majorcan artist Marc Jesus, of women wearing traditional flamenco dresses and enjoying a glass of Jerez, that perfectly captures the owners’ passion for extraordinary sherry. The wall opposite is covered with mirrors, creating a sense of space in this informal, modern bar.

Visitors can either have drinks and tapas inside, or relax on the terrace while enjoying the Rosita’s specially recommended sherry ‘flights’. Rosita offers three choices of flight or tasting: sweet sherry, Gonzalez Byass V.O.R.S or PX (Pedro Ximénez), the choice is down to customers’ preference for sweet or dry sherry.


In winter, Rosita’s owners suggest enjoying an ‘oloroso’, an old and exquisite sweet sherry that has been aged for over 30 years in barrels in Cordoba, from which it acquires its mahogany colour and bouquet of dried fruits, dates, raisins and vintage oak.

The ultimate Spanish experience can be enjoyed on Sundays when customers are invited to stop by in the afternoon, and revel in typical flamenco dancing on the terrace, whilst enjoying a glass of sherry and some tapas.

124 Northcote Road
London SW11 6QU


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